November 1, 2012

Ella's First Owl-ween!

That was lame....sorry.  If you haven't guessed it already Ella dressed up as an owl for her first halloween.

I made the owl hat months ago and recently realized it would make the perfect costume.  Unfortunately, since I didn't have Halloween in mind it was a bit big for her little head but that didn't stop me.  It was still so cute.  To complete this super easy costume I glued felt feathers onto a onesie and put it over little leggings.  Perfect for a tiny baby that still needs to be comfortable and warm.

The owl hat is super easy to knit.  I will be putting the pattern to paper and adding it to my etsy page soon.  If you can't knit there are plenty of owl hats on etsy or even in most children's stores these days.  Owls are so popular right now.

At a month old Ella is clearly too young for trick or treating but we did enjoy a trip to my office to show off her costume.  It was also fun to greet all the little kiddos at our door as we passed out candy.  They seemed to love Ella and her costume - especially the little boys.  They would ooh and ahh over her and even ask questions about her.  It melted my heart and Ella loved all the excitement.  It wiped her out though - I got 7 hours of sleep last night!!  

And can I admit that I am pretty sure I know what Ella will be next year?!  I can't wait.  She will be a year and so much fun!! And if she really wears the costume I have in mind she will be unbelievably adorable.  Cannot wait!

Hope you are enjoying the leftover candy and sugar highs!

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