December 18, 2011

Christmas #1

We just celebrated our first Christmas of the season with my extended family.  Everyone (almost) made the trek down from WI to my parent's house for the Hock family Christmas.
The house was full and busy - just how we like it.

We played games.

Watched football.

And had a really fun gift card and family photo exchange.
Everyone knows the gift card exchange but this year my cousins suggested we try a family photo exchange.  Everyone picked a family photo (old or new), put it in a frame and wrapped it up to exchange.  I wasn't sure how this would work and if the photos people picked would be interesting enough for all but it really was SO MUCH FUN!  A new family tradition.

I forgot to take a picture of it but I received a photo of my grandpa on his navy ship from WWII.  It was a photo that I had never seen and it was really meaningful to catch a glimpse of his life then.  The best part was passing around the photos and sharing the memories.  Both my grandparents have passed away and this was a special way of remembering them during the holidays.

I highly recommend introducing this tradition to your family this Christmas.

But the best part of the holidays is cousin time!


Santa even came to visit the girls! 


And brought Elf on a Shelf!

And because these girls are so darn cute and I am slowly getting the hang of my camera can I share some adorable shots of these girls from the day?  I love having little youngins at the house.  So much fun!

Aren't they so cute?!


Becky said...

The girls are adorable! I love the photo exchange idea.

Noelle Story said...

Love love love all these photos! It was so much fun and you are right, the girls are really the cutest ever. (Not that we are biased). Thanks for putting these up Jess! If you can also send me the photo of my family that would be great. It is better than the one on my IPhone and I know my mom would love it! Love ya. Noelle

Rhianne Jhane said...

This is very fascinating, You are an excessively skilled blogger.

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