May 4, 2011

Vintage Letterpress Pieces

I have boxes and buckets full of these EXTREMELY heavy lead, letterpress blocks just sitting in my basement.  About once a year I revive them and think....

Hey, these are cool.  I should clean them up and do something totally, amazingly creative and unique with them.  Or maybe I should organize them and actually spell and write things with them.
Or I could sell them.

Anyone interested?  Seriously, I want to get rid of the whole lot.  They are really interesting and very unique but they just sit in my basement because I don't have the ability to figure out how to best utilize them.  My brain is creatively overloaded and fried.  CAN'T      FUNCTION       ANY        MORE.

Here are just a few and seriously they aren't even the coolest ones. 

I think she is my favorite.

 No these are my favorite.

Umm a green stamp for real.  I also have all these postage stamps that say things like, "No postage necessary if mailed in the United States."  Is it legal to have a stamp like that?


I love these too.  They are the decorative pieces you use with a letter in the opening for the first letter of a book or letter.  You know, the fancy letter at the beginning of a chapter in a book.



Real pictures of real people.

I love this soldier too.

Jesus's punctured palm.

 I love these letters.  They are a nice large size.  Maybe like a 72 size (Microsoft word style).  I would say they are about an inch long.  I think.  I have a bunch of each letter in both lowercase and uppercase.  Oh and I have numbers.

So those little guys up there are small, tiny little letters.  Like size 8 - 16 (like on Microsoft word).  I have millions and billions of these in all different fonts.  They just aren't organized yet.......

So as in love as I am with these, they are totally under appreciated right now.  They need love, they need to be used.  So I think I am going to sell them.  Put them on craigslist or see if an antique dealer would buy the whole lot from me.  

Just needed to document them before I part with them.


Abby said...

Take them to the antique store in Danada. I bet they would LOVE them!

Unknown said...

Ohhh.....I should. Have you been watching the tv show about them on TLC?

Anonymous said...

Check around and see if there is anything similar listed on eBay. Those are very cool! Wonder how you print or stamp the photo ones? They look flat?? Good luck! Thanks for sharing,,

liZ said...

Wow, those are really are brave to part with them, unlike me, who can't bear to part with anything.

Unknown said...

I was just searching letterpress pieces and came across your blog! What did you do with these in the end? They are superb :)

Unknown said...

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