September 7, 2010

It's About Time

Finally I am back to this little thing called blogging.

Finally we painted our living room which has looked like this since January:

I tried hiding it with those branches but there was a lot of random colors on the wall....and I hated them all.

So after posting about my indecision here and asking for help I waited another 3 - yes 3 - months to actually make the final decision.  Ok, well actually Brandon forced me to make a decision - the random patches of color were driving him crazy so he escorted accompanied me to the hardware store and forced helped me take the big plunge.

So I took a big risk and chose.....


hah....seriously.  I didn't even choose a color.  But I have to say.  I love it!  I don't have all my things on the wall yet but the room is completely changed from that hideous mauve the previous owners had on there.  

It is open, bright and fresh - as soon as I get the room pulled back together I will re-post with an update but here are a few snapshots from our fun day painting - even my sister Kate came over and helped. 

The original nasty mauve color - yuck!

Kate - too busy painting to smile at the camera

Brandon - prepping the walls

Me - ok so we just hate the camera I guess

So here is the preliminary before and after:

Ok, so not as dramatic as I was hoping on camera but trust me - even though the only thing we updated was the paint, the room looks 100% better.  I love it!
And I mean, at least there are no nasty color samples on the wall.


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~It turned out great! :)Rachel ~*

Connie said...

Very nice...I kinda liked the branches. Very autumnal. Don'tcha just love finally finishing a project?

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