October 30, 2016

House Update: Baby Week

It is officially baby week.  We welcome our third baby Thursday! And while I am so ready to meet this little one I am totally freaking out because this is what my house currently looks like......

Kitchen/Living Room

Laundry-Mudroom Room/Garage Entry

Entry/Powder Room/Office

Living/Dining Room (Playroom)


Oh and our master bathroom.  
Undergoing new tile due to a leak coming through to the dining room ceiling....ya.

C-section Date = Nov. 3rd
Move-In Date = Nov. 3rd 

Not sure how things will be completed by Nov. 3rd but I'm praying we can bring this baby home - to this home - a non-construction version of course.

It's not all bad though...we completed a lot projects this weekend to hopefully help ease the move-in process.

My favorite but least significant: an old farmhouse coat rack.

I bought a piece of old barn wood, sealed it and screwed in some wire hooks my parents brought home from their visit to the Magnolia Market (which I am dying to visit).  You can find the hooks online at Magnolia Market's online shop.  If you are local to the Chicago area, I bought the barn plank at Reclaimed Wood Chicago.
I love how it turned out.  It runs the length of my laundry cabinets and will provide LOTS of coat/backpack storage.

I am currently on the search for an old bench that is narrow and in that same warm wood tone to place underneath.  Originally we thought we would add lockers in here but due to some unforeseen structural issues this room had to be a bit narrower so I've decided we'll just build them along the wall in the garage - someday.

We also worked on the pantry shelving.  It isn't beautiful and we learned a lot of lessons which I will share shortly but these make me happy because I love storage.

We wanted to get these in before the closet doors and trim are installed (hopefully this week) and before I make my big, pre-baby Costco run tomorrow.  Gotta fill those shelves before I become a hermit crab.

So fingers crossed that things get moving again this week so we can get back to our life - as a family of FIVE!  4 days!!

**And huge shout out to our families who have been so helpful during this whole process.  My in-laws who have given up their basement for our crazy, loud, messy family to live in. And my parents for countless hours of babysitting, meals, errand running and this weekend for hard labor.  We would not be surviving this without them!**


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