April 17, 2011

Bow Tutorial

As promised here is the bow tutorial.  It may not be the best way to make one of these but here is how I taught myself to make one.

For a medium sized bow I start with a piece of fabric that is 12" x 4".

I then fold it in half hot dog style with the pattern on the inside.

Then sew along the edge.

Flip it right side out.

Then do it all over again with a smaller scrap.

This is about 4" x 3".




Now you have two matching pieces.

Then you make the bow by folding in the large piece like so....

It is important to make sure the ends overlap just a little and in the middle of the fabric.

Squeeze and fold the center so that it creates pretty pleats.

Secure with thread and a needle.

Then take your smaller rectangle and wrap it around the middle of the bow so that it comes together on the backside of the bow.  I fold the edge in so it looks neater.

Now secure that with needle and thread.

It should look something like this.

And flip it over and voila!

A Bow!


Alexis said...

I am totally using this for my nephew, thank you!

Unknown said...

I need to make some of these for my little guy! Thanks for sharing with Air Your Laundry Friday tonight, Jessica! By the way, something was wonky with my post & links but I fixed it just in case you noticed! Have a happy weekend.


{oc cottage} said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...thx for this!!!

m ^..^

Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

I truly love your blog! Come stop by mine when you get the chance!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, but how do you make it stay around the neck?

Unknown said...

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