October 15, 2012

Ella's DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

I brought 10 hats and 10 headbands to the hospital because I just couldn't choose one.  It was a miracle that I minimized my collection to 10 of each.  Once we settled into the hospital room I was eager to try all the hats and headbands on her.  I think she wore a new hat or headband for every guest that visited.  Unfortunately our hospital stay was extra long due to the c-section and Ella's jaundice.  By day 5 I was going absolutely stir crazy so the only logical thing to do was create our own newborn photo shoot.  We had the props, the baby, a camera, huge bright windows and a lot of time to kill.  It seemed perfect. We sent Bran home to play with the pups while my mom, sister and I had fun dressing Ella up and taking absolutely adorable photos.  And the best part - they were free!  They may not be perfect and totally professional but I still love them.

To start we gathered all the white sheets and blankets we could find in the room, which wasn't hard since it is a hospital.  Then we made a nice comfy bed with pillows and draped the sheets over them for a nice white, seamless backdrop.  The only problem was the baby didn't agree with the comfort part.

I didn't edit these photos but I adore them.  Not that I like seeing her cry but this is Ella doing what newborns do - fortunately for us she doesn't do this too often.

In order to combat the crying I had my sister climb in the hospital bed, covered her in sheets and had her hold Ella while I took the photos.  My mom acted as prop master, baby positioner and soother.

She may hate me for posting these photos.  Sorry Kate!

But it worked.  Here are the results - an over abundance of Ella photos.

The pictures aren't perfect but they are perfect to me.  I used Lightroom to edit these photos but I don't really know how to use it very well.  Regardless of whether you edit your photos or not they will still be a precious memory of your little one.  And it is so easy to do!


Amani said...

i've never used lite room before though i adore adobe products! but woow you got an amazing result as a non so perfect user too..should give it a try.. thanks great post <3

Jan said...

OMG she is so adorable! It makes you wonder what she's thinking when your taking her pictures. Lol. Congratulations to your family!

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